15 Thanksgiving Odes to our Favorite Small Businesses

November 26, 2014
November 26, 2014 Full Contact

With Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday both just around the corner, the team at Full Contact decided to take a quick break from our regular blog programming to write a quick word of thanks to the small businesses for which we’re thankful. See you next week!


To Creature Comforts in Marblehead, MA.
For being trustworthy, kind, flexible and understanding.
For bringing me a spare key when I was left outside without one.
For caring for my princess.

I’m thankful for you.
 – Amy Rappeport


To Formaggio in the South End of Boston.
Thank you for having everything I need for last minute entertaining.
Thank you for introducing me to vacuum-sealed duck confit.
Thank you for selling a bounty of sea salts from around the world for me to experiment with.

I am thankful for you.
– Dan Gross


To the Franklin Street Branch of Eastern Bank.
For always addressing me by name when I walk through the door.
For going out of your way ensure I am aware of your new service offerings and how they can help our business.
For being excited enough about our business that you share your latest “favorite commercial” stories with me.
And, for the lollipop on the way out ….yummy.

I’m thankful for you.
– Kate Sumner


To Render Coffee in Boston.
For introducing me to what real coffee could and should be.
For being the best tasting, most lovingly and carefully created fuel a human engine could possibly consume.
And for being so close to my apartment that door-to-door takes less than two minutes.

Thank you for being a world-class neighborhood coffee shop.
– Jonathan Braun


To Magpie in Somerville, MA.
For making the gift-giving season a gift in and of itself.
For supporting local artists, jewelry makers and chocolatiers.
And for the “bear wearing a suit” portrait that hangs in my bathroom.

Thanks a million! I’ll be back before Christmas.
– Tim Bunker


To Olives & Grace in the South End of Boston.
For creating a shop that allows other entrepreneurs to keep chasing their passions.
And for hooking me up any time I need a truly thoughtful gift.

Thanks for being an inspiration to so many.
– Adam St. John


To Stew Leonard’s in Danbury, CT.
Okay, you’re not a small business anymore. But you once were.
For once being nothing more than a tent with a farm stand.
For making every shopping trip an experience, not a chore, when I was growing up – and for my kids today.
For the small farm, the talking cows, the giant bakery, and the best soft serve ice cream in the state.

I’m thankful for you (and your chocolate croissants!).
– Jen Maltby


To Jacquelyn’s Waterfront Day Spa in Boston.
For helping a California girl’s skin adjust to the (harsh) seasons of the Northeast.
For making it personal and sharing your time and expertise – free of charge – because you wanted to help.
For always being more concerned about your clients than your cash register.

I’m thankful for you.
– Rachel Poor


To Rounds Hardware in Stoneham, MA.
For being a 5-minute walk away.
For saving me countless trips to Home Depot.
For being old school.

Thanks for being.
– Faye Doyle


To Brighter Day Market in Savannah, GA.
For being within walking distance of my college apartment.
For selling natural and organic foods, beauty products & vitamins.
For smelling like my Grandma’s house.
And for giving away the ends of the whole grain bread you didn’t use in your pre-made sandwiches for free, so poor college students like me could sit in Forsyth Park and eat them.

Thanks for feeling like home.
– Caroline Aylward


To Knight Moves in Brookline, MA.
For making a space where my friends and I can play.
For stocking your shelves with all the nerdy board games that I don’t have the space or money to buy.
For being a café that thinks outside the box.

Thanks for being extremely dorky in an extremely awesome way.
– Lisa Jeon


To Crazy Rhythms Record Store in Montclair, NJ.
For being my pre-internet resource for every conceivable bit of inside information about the exploding late 80’s rap scene.
For always letting me know when the new Public Enemy, Run DMC or Erik B. and Rakim tape would be coming out.
For putting those tapes aside for me and making me feel like a VIP, even though you knew I’d be the first in line on the day of release.
And for not laughing at me when I came in to buy those tapes, wearing a Kangol, fat gold chain and satin New York Knicks bomber jacket.

Thank you for fueling a lifelong love of hip hop.
– Tim Cohane


To the Lakeside Creamery in Deep Creek Lake, MD.
For bringing our entire 18-person family together on late night boat rides to enjoy your ice cream.
For introducing me to the most delicious ice cream combination: homemade mint chocolate chip with M&Ms in a chocolate dipped sugar cone.
For opening mid-morning, so I can stop and get one last scoop before the drive home every year.

Thanks for being my summer constant.
– Lauren Hargrove


To Rocky Neck Fish Co. in Milton, MA.
For giving me my first job.
For your commitment to selling only the highest quality seafood.
For treating both your customers and your employees as friends.
And for teaching me how to shuck an oyster without cutting my finger off.

I’m thankful for you.
– JP Grant


To Lemuria Books in Jackson, MS.
For introducing me to Harry Potter before he was HARRY POTTER.
For having a store that’s as magically transporting as the books you carry.
For indulging my Haruki Murakami obsession.
And, for showing that bookstores aren’t just cool – they’re vital.

I’m thankful for you.
– Tom Allin


To the Warren Store in Warren, VT.
For serving top-notch sammies with only the best Boar’s Head meat (it’s the king of cold cuts, and it matters).
For saving my arse when I need a birthday card, aromatherapy candle, hand-knit mittens or fresh tapped maple syrup.
For rocking my world with your Rosie’s beef jerky for the long car ride back to Boston.
And for being exactly what this city mouse craves in the country. Every time.

I’m grateful for your existence. 
– Allison Childs


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