When did Adweek start looking like People Magazine?

January 25, 2017
January 25, 2017 Amy Weber

Take a scroll through Adweek at any given moment and you’re likely to see the names and faces of numerous A- through D-list celebs and the brands big and small that they are very excited to sign on and support. It wasn’t always this way; in fact, there was a time when a TV or movie celeb wouldn’t have been caught dead promoting a product in a television ad. But, with more and more frequency, celebs are tossing their famous endorsement behind brands from cars to fizzy water.

We have found that the right celebrity can provide the needed additional punch for a campaign. When Papa Gino’s was reminding consumers of their rightful position as New England’s Favorite Pizza, we brought in another New England favorite, Tedy Bruschi, to have a little fun with consumers. And, anyone living in New England a few years back has fond memories of Cumberland Farms introducing their surprisingly delicious cup of coffee with a surprisingly delicious spokesperson: David Hasselhoff.

In both of those instances, a combination of the right person with the right brand insight helped to drive great success for our clients. In the event you’re thinking a celebrity partner might be right for you, we’ve learned a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make Sure it’s an Authentic Partnership. Today more than ever, consumers can spot a phony. Don’t give them the opportunity to question you by making sure you’re bringing in the right person to tell your story and bring your key insight to life, and not just the right person based on a pricetag or availability.
  • Don’t Forget to Tap into their Social Following. For most celebrities today, part of their lifestyle is having an avid following of social media fans who want the inside scoop on what he or she is up to. Negotiate ways that the endorser can work your brand into their content without simply just re-tweeting an ad. Perhaps it’s some behind the scenes footage from the shoot.
  • Have fun with it! Part of what made both the Tedy and David campaigns successful is that they were not only right for the brand challenge but they were also fun for both the celebrities and the consumers watching them. People can smell fake fun a mile away, but they also can feel genuine sentiment when they see it and it is that authenticity that makes them really want to engage with your brand.



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