Our Favorite Ads from Super Bowls Past

January 29, 2015
January 29, 2015 Full Contact

With the Super Bowl just days away, the office has been reminiscing about some of our favorite commercials from the big game in years past. Of course, with our beloved Patriots in the Super Bowl, we’ll be watching the commercials AND the game this year.

Anyway, here are some of our all-time favorites…

“When I Grow Up…” (Monster.com)
“Such a brilliantly simple insight into the target mindset brought to life in an equally brilliantly simple way. It literally made me change my mind about my career, quit my job, go get my masters and become a strategist. True story.”
– Jen Maltby

“It’s funny, super simple and true to the service they provide. It also stands the test of time.”
– Brian Dedering

“Keep Your Hands Off My Doritos” (Doritos)
“Not only is it humorous in the way the spot is filmed, but the fact that the Doritos are just as important as the boy’s mom is also very funny.”
– Giola Veliaj

“It’s Mine” (Coca-Cola)
“This spot was in the era of stupid humor, nut shots, and fart gags, and here comes this commercial with no dialogue and a beautiful classical score. It was big and grandiose without feeling too gimmicky with special effects, and it was a great little piece of storytelling with a surprise ending. Charlie Brown finally gets the football, or in this case, the Coke.”
– Tim Bunker

“Carl and Ray” (Blockbuster)
“My favorite Super Bowl ads are from way back in the days of Blockbuster! I still love them today because of how simple they are. Humor is one of my favorite advertising techniques and always catches my attention. Too bad there is no more Blockbuster…”
– Hannah Black

“Wassup” (Budweiser)
I remember being 10 years old and thinking, “Wow, that’s really annoying. Why are my parents laughing? It’s not even funny, it’s stupid!” Which, in hindsight, is the brilliance of it.”
– Lydia Abend

Nannerpuss” (Denny’s)
“It was hysterical because it was such low production value – that they completely owned – and it stood out from all the other fancy spots out there. We had to stop, find it on YouTube and play it non-stop for months after. Long after it aired in 2009, we still talk about it and pull it up on YouTube for a good laugh. Don’t make fun of me – it’s pretty juvenile.”
– Faye Doyle

“Imported From Detroit” (Chrysler)
“I remember the entire room going silent when this came on the television. I was teaching at the time, and I remember thinking, “Whoa, advertising can make me feel that!?” Just such an epic spot that spanned beyond a brand to a city and, in turn, a country. The “Imported from Detroit” line still gives me chills.”
– Tom Allin

LIGHTNING ROUND with Chris Milne
The Monster.com moose butt one is great, so simple. The Hyundai “team” one is another great, simple one. Plus, it has bear wrestling. Terry Tate “Office Linebacker” was just awesome at the time. Radio Shack from last year was honest and fun. And cat herding. Love that cat herding too.
– Chris Milne


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