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We pulled together some of the most interesting articles we’ve read recently—and included the quotes that got us talking the most.

Whether Mobile Shoppers Are Fickle or Smart, Holiday Retailers Need to Deal With Their Elusive Ways
Source: AdWeek
­Even the most established brands can’t rely on loyalty this holiday season. Now that shoppers have the ability to walk into a store, see a product, and search it online before making a purchase, retailers will have to work harder to guarantee a sale. Google released a study revealing that 76% of shoppers change their mind about which brand to purchase thanks to a Google mobile search. Find out what else Google learned about retail just in time for the holiday season.

Black Friday Emails Coming Early As Christmas Creeps In On Halloween
Source: MediaPost
Don’t be surprised if you start getting Black Friday emails before you have time to take down your Halloween decorations. Email engagement tends to drop as the holidays approach, due to the increase in volume and resultant consumer email fatigue. To combat this, companies are trying to beat the rush by sending out their holiday promotions earlier and earlier. SendGrid, a cloud-based email delivery and management service, found that there doesn’t seem to be a negative impact associated with sending Black Friday emails far sooner than they are expected.  However, they warn brands to proceed with caution—consumers are more apt to “unsubscribe” or report as spam when they continue to get emails they aren’t interacting with.

Holiday Email Best Practices: Avoiding the Spam Filter
Source: AdAge
Speaking of the spam filter, here are some tips on how to avoid it. Instead of blasting inboxes the day after Thanksgiving, slowly ramp up the volume to avoid setting off red flags. This will also help keep complaints low, which otherwise would cause emails to be blocked by ISPs. Giving consumers control of how often they want to be reached is another way to keep them happy. Segmenting lists by engagement and testing subject lines that will resonate with individual consumers will keep everyone happier in the long run.


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