What We Found: Brands Being “Authentic,” Learning From Politics, and Using Smartphones

September 28, 2016
September 28, 2016 Full Contact

We pulled together some of the most interesting articles we’ve read recently—and included the quotes that got us talking the most.

The Age of the Wordless Logo
Source: The Atlantic
There’s been a transition among brand logos—de-emphasizing text and gravitating towards symbols. This shift has occurred for a multitude of reasons including symbols working better than long text on screens and apps, eliminating the need for translation when appearing in different countries, and allowing companies the flexibility to dabble in multiple industries. However, the shift reflects the attempt of brands to connect with audiences jaded by advertising, finding “four-fifths of global consumers now consider brands neither open nor honest.” Learn about how the tactic dubbed “debranding” is marketers’ effort to appear more authentic.

What Brands Can Learn From the Psychology of Politics
Source: AdAge
Looking at politics from a marketing perspective can make this already lively election cycle even more interesting. Furthermore, considering the effects of social media on voters’ opinions can give brands insight into effective strategies to change consumers’ minds. Psychological phenomena, like the consistency principle and the confirmation bias, point to the most effective opinion-changing strategies being non-rational and much more emotional and social. In this article, find more psychological ideas that can be borrowed from political campaigns to help benefit brands.

What Google Learned From the Digital Diaries of 1,000 Mobile Users
Source: AdWeek
Google tracked 1,000 mobile users over the course of a week in order to understand the actions users take if they need to know something, buy something, watch something, or do something. The smartphone came out on top, with 96 percent saying they used their phone when addressing daily needs. This study emphasizes the importance of mobile and search marketing showing “92 percent of respondents who did research on their phone made a purchase within a day, and 76 percent of those searching for something nearby visited a related business within a day.” Find out how audiences engage with businesses and mobile differently in order to maximize on mobile opportunity.


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