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Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 12.25.26 PMWe pulled together some of the most interesting articles we’ve read recently – and included the quotes that got us talking the most.

Fruit of the Loom’s New Ads for Breathable Underwear Revel in the Product’s Awkwardness
Source: Ad Week
When the creative team at CP+B Boulder were assigned Fruit of the Loom, they found it difficult to talk about the products. Although they were receiving more and more positive reception and reviews on Fruit of the Loom’s new breathable underwear, “when it came to describing why they loved them so much, we found ourselves getting a little red in the face,” notes creative director KT Thayer. From this awkwardness came the creative team’s winning idea: This is breathable underwear that is so incredible, you’re going to want to talk about it. Please don’t. Thayer also notes, “It’s not often a client is willing to ask people not to talk about their product or listen to their ads. But that’s why we think people will.” In addition to the “Please Don’t” campaign, Fruit of the Loom also created a human wind tunnel at the 2017 X Games, with the hashtag #ThePowerOfAir, to emphasize the power of breathable clothing. 

The Company That Makes Oreos Just Revealed a Huge Shift in How Americans Eat
Source: Business Insider
In an attempt to better target the millennial market – a market which is constantly demanding more natural, more organic, and fresher food – Mondelez has rolled out a new brand of health products, named “Vea.” In an interview with Sara Silverstein, International CEO Irene Rosenfield states that they’re seeing a big push towards healthier foods, and eating better. Rosenfield notes, “As we think about the future and we look at where consumers are going, there’s no question the single biggest trend among our consumers everywhere in the world is a desire to eat better and to move toward well-being.” The new Vea brand will feature all natural flavors and colors, no artificial ingredients or GMOs, and comes in flavors from all over the world, such as Peruvian Sweet Potato and Andean Quinoa. The packaging is done in a stand-up format and in a smaller size than most of the Mondelez products, making it more convenient and less indulgent than some of the other products. However, Rosenfield notes, there is no need to worry that this is the end of Oreos – most of Mondelez’ most classic products are still seeing “terrific growth.”

Facebook is Now Letting Brands and Media Companies Create Their Own Groups Within Pages
Sources: Ad Week
In an unprecedented move, Facebook is now allowing Brand and Media Company page administrators the capability to create their own groups within their pages, with the goal of providing these brands and companies greater engagement within niche groups on their pages. This move will allow brands to create their own pages, without having to wait for admins to set up the niche groups from personal pages, and will also allow social media managers to have more of a separation from their work and own personal media. Facebook product manager Linda Xiong notes, “Instead of having a support hotline that is only manned by the company, you can actually introduce a peer-to-peer support, or you can have another group that’s more inspirational sharing stories that’s also relevant for people who are thinking about buying your product or service. This move is also reflective of Facebook CEO MArk Zuckerberg’s objective of developing more closely knit online communities.


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