What We Found on the Web: Breakfast Fatigue, Becoming a Grownup and More

October 15, 2014
October 15, 2014 Full Contact

Once a month, we pull together some of our favorite links to share them – and our thoughts about why we think they’re cool – with you.

Chobani takes aim at ‘breakfast fatigue’
From Digiday

“Chobani has already done an impressive job taking a dominant stance in the highly competitive Greek yogurt category, but the way that they’re rolling out messaging around new product innovation in yet another highly competitive area (breakfast) is really something to take note of. Using a combination of experiential and digital/social tactics to support their “Stop Sad Breakfasts” campaign idea, they’ve been able to create buzz, drive trial and make an immediate impact on customer orders. This approach has risk (the staying power of experiential, ability to go viral), but they went in with both feet. This will be an interesting campaign to watch.”

– Faye Doyle, Account Director


Society of Grownups’ Nondini Naqui on Why Discussing Finance Will Help You Function as an Adult.
From BostInno

“An inspiring new take on financial advice built from the ground up by Cambridge’s IDEO in partnership with MassMutual. Amazing site design and collateral, as well as creating a brick-and-mortar location that doesn’t seem stuffy or intimidating. I might just have to take a class on how to grow up.”

– Adam St. John, Art Director


NFL Players Can’t Wear Beats Headphones on the Field
From Mashable

“Since Bose is now the official headphone of the NFL, athletes can’t wear Beats headphones during pre- and post-game activities. Just last week, Colin Kaepernick (the 49ers’ quarterback) got fined $10,000 for wearing Beats during an interview. So, if the competition on the field gets boring, Bose and Beats will keep it interesting off the field.”

– Kevin Barlow, Art Director


The young vloggers and their fans who are changing the face of youth culture
From The Guardian

“From webcam pastime to marketable celebrity, vlogger popularity is “the result of a total shift in the way a whole generation consumes their entertainment and selects their influences.” With top vlog subscriptions approaching 5 million, it may be time to recognize the vlogvert as viable media.”

– Andrew Barr, Junior Copywriter


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