What We Found on the Web: Incorrect Luxury Targets, A “Nicer” Amazon, and No More Beer Names

January 15, 2015
January 15, 2015 Full Contact

Once a month, we pull together some of our favorite links to share them – and our thoughts about why we think they’re cool – with you.

“Luxury Brands Often Misidentify Their Target Customers”
From Mediapost
“Thanks to Coravin, the very cool luxury client we have recently been working with (check out their nearly magical new wine access system!), we have been thinking about the world of luxury a lot recently. While business may still be pretty darn good in the luxury sector, now is not the time to sit on your marketing laurels. Customers – and the best ways to reach them – are changing every day. For example, did you know that luxury brands lose 50% of their top customers annually because they routinely misidentify them?”

  • Jen Maltby, Chief Strategy Officer

“This startup wants to beat Amazon by rejecting its confrontational culture.”
From Quartz
“Think Amazon is too mean? Too cutthroat? Well, meet jet.com, the ecommerce company that is trying to beat Amazon by being…nice. As this article points out, Jet draws inspiration from Costco with its membership model and friendly corporate culture. Will consumers go for it? Stay tuned.”

  • Tom Allin, Strategic Planner

“Craft Brewers Are Running Out of Names, And Into Legal Spats.”
From NPR
“A really interesting story about a few recent cases of craft breweries ending up in trademark battles because their names, packaging, and even tap handles were too similar. It seems like these cases were handled without drawn out legal battles, which is nice to see in an industry that prides itself on collaboration over competition. Plus, beer lends itself to creativity. A brainstorming session over a few doesn’t sound all that bad.”

  • JP Grant, Strategic Planning Intern

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