What We Found on the Web: The Wonderful Illusion of Mint, Girl Scout Cookies, Norwegian Money and, of course, Star Wars.

December 2, 2014
December 2, 2014 Full Contact

Once a month, we pull together some of our favorite links to share them – and our thoughts about why we think they’re cool – with you.

How marketers convinced us that we all need mint to fix our bad breath
From Vox

Did you know that mint hasn’t always equaled freshness? Or that in the early Roman Empire people used burnt mouse dung and honey to freshen their breath? Yeah, we didn’t either. A fascinating read on how Pepsodent and Listerine almost singlehandedly made mint a symbol for freshness.


Now You Can Buy Your Thin Mints Online, As The Girl Scouts Undertake A Tech Overhaul
From Fast Company

We’re pretty excited too. If you can overcome your excitement, this article is a great read about how an iconic brand has evolved to changing consumer needs. And, yes, it’s about more than just selling cookies.


The Lego Version of the New Star Wars Trailer is Even Better Than the Original
From In The Capital

If you consider yourself a Star Wars fan, we probably don’t have to tell you that the new trailer for Episode VII was released last week. One fan, YouTube user Snooperking, was so inspired by it that he spent over 12 hours recreating the entire trailer in Lego form. With a year to go, it will be fun to see how Disney builds and, more importantly, manages the movie’s extraordinary hype.


Norway’s Best Architecture Firm Designs the World’s Best Money
From CityLab

Put simply, Snøhetta is one of the coolest architecture firms in the world. From the September 11 Memorial Museum to the Oslo Opera House, they do amazing work. Now, having won a nationwide contest to redesign Norway’s currency, they’ve established a league of their own.


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