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October 2, 2014
October 2, 2014 Full Contact

The decision to leave a current employer – an ever-so-cozy nook of familiarity – for foreign territory where you are soon to be wholly exposed can be hard. Brutally hard. Deciding to take your talents and career someplace new can feel heavy, and anxiety riddled. And I’m talking real, debilitating anxiety, not “I can’t decide what throw pillow to buy” anxiety.

So what made my decision to #gofullcontact less angsty, and dare I say, easy? For me, it boiled down to three things – the people, the passion and the palpable energy.

The People.

From the moment I walked through the door for my first interview, it was apparent that our founders, Marty and Tim, care about their people. They are some of the best company one can keep in this biz, so it made sense that they want to build a company of good people. People that are kind to one another. People that enjoy one another. People that can challenge and push one another in a conference room, and still walk out and laugh over a beer. It’s why meeting 8 people over the course of 2 days didn’t phase me. I found each and every conversation to be enjoyable, and it showed just how serious everyone is about preserving the Full Contact culture.

The Passion.

Everyone at Full Contact is passionate about something. And I’m not just talking about a love of advertising. Here, people are encouraged to find something that lights them up outside of work. From meat connoisseurs to seasoned calligraphers, you name it, and we’ve got it. Passions and curiosity collide here, making for a diverse environment where problems are met with creative solutions, and disruptive ideas are born. And hey, you never know when a skilled penman or butcher will be needed in a new business pitch. But when we are asked to bust out a Burgues script or fillet a tenderloin, we’re more than ready with our dip pen and boning knife.

Palpable energy.

Now I’m not saying you will walk in our offices and that we’ll be blaring club music and passing out glow sticks. What I am saying is that we generate a lot of energy by talking to one another instead of hiding behind email. We collaborate in offices with scraps of paper all over the walls. We show up with fresh ideas in the morning and stew on them long after we leave – because pushing ourselves, our clients, and even our own brand to greatness requires just as much energy as it creates.

And I’m not alone. Full Contact is growing, and hiring. We’ve made some great additions in the past year across all disciplines from account to strategy to creative, and these fine folks have their own stories to share about why they decided to #gofullcontact. Here are just a few:

Hannah Black – Account Coordinator

Sometimes, when you walk into a place you get a gut feeling and know it is where you belong. I certainly had that feeling when I came to Full Contact for my first interview.
For me, it was the people. They not only made me feel welcome, but I could tell they really wanted to be there. Everyone I spoke with was approachable, knowledgeable, and had a great sense of humor. I got a real sense for what it meant to “Go Full Contact,” and it started with the people. Everyone seemed to want to do more for their clients and go beyond creating ads for them. The atmosphere of mutual respect gave everyone a chance to succeed while not being afraid of failing. These were all things I was looking for in a company. When I found them, I knew I was ready to Go Full Contact.

Tom Allin – Strategic Planner

I went Full Contact for two reasons: For one, everyone was absurdly nice (and, as it turned out, absurdly talented, too). And, second, because I felt like everyone here could (and would be required to) make an impact on the agency and our clients. There’s a real sense that no one wants to just do his or her job. One of the most common refrains here is “How else can I help?” That’s awesome – and it shows in the way that people are invested in making Full Contact rock.

So how about you? Are you ready to go Full Contact? Check our LinkedIn page to see our available career opportunities.


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