Going Full Contact with Tim Bunker

October 23, 2014
October 23, 2014 Full Contact

Part of a recurring series where we ask a Full Contact employee a couple of off-the-wall (and yet revealing) questions.

  1. Who are you and what is your role at Full Contact?
    I’m Tim Bunker and I’m a copywriter here.
  1. Speaking of roles, who is your personal role model? (And tell us why)
    It’s gotta be my dad. He looks at the world through the same weird filter I do. He’s extremely patient, hilarious, a wonderful father and grandfather, and a devoted husband. If I can follow those footsteps, I’ll be all right.
  1. What’s the best piece of advice you ever received (and then ignored)?
    “Don’t touch that.”
  1. If you could magically become anyone else in the world, who would it be and why?
    Bill Murray. Why? Because he’s Bill Murray damn it.
  1. And while we are imagining things, what is your Full Contact superpower?
    Nerves of steel. It’s hard to get me rattled, even when there’s a deadline in an hour and my best headline written so far is a cliché of a bad pun that ends in exclamation points.
  1. We know you do amazing things at Full Contact, but what do you do that’s kind of amazing outside of these four walls?
    Well, I’m a new dad. So I live and work on no sleep yet remember to wear pants most days. Amazing!
  1. And finally, how do you make Full Contact in your job?
    I can’t just come up with a good idea and call it a day. I’ve got to nurture that little guy. Protect it. Give it every tool it needs to succeed. Make sure it knows when to listen to others and when to stand on its own. And when it’s good and ready, I have to set it free.

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