May 10, 2017 Tim Foley

Few things are more entrenched and personal than the pleasures of the daily coffee ritual. For some it might entail taking that first long sip. Or enjoying the rich aroma and initial caffeine rush. For others, however, it might involve idling eleven cars deep at a drive-thru. Or tossing a full cup in the trash because it bears no resemblance to what you just ordered. It might even include overpaying for these privileges, and then lining up to do it all over again the next morning.

Like with most rituals, these behaviors are made up more of habit than of conscious decisions. This also means that breaking them is a matter of actually stopping and thinking about what you’re doing. Easier said than done, but that’s exactly what our new campaign for Cumberland Farms encourages people to do.

We’ve spent the last eight years helping Cumberland Farms sell the value of a great cup of coffee for 99¢. And it’s worked. Millions of cups of Farmhouse Blend and countless new customers later, it’s been a tremendous success. But now we’re enlisting a bit of help from actor Michael Rapaport to wake up those people who still aren’t listening or still haven’t given Cumberland Farms a try.

Rapaport was an easy choice. He perfectly embodies the idea and attitude of the campaign, imploring people to “Come to Your Coffee Senses.”

Throughout the campaign, we see Rapaport in a variety of settings, from preparing his coffee at a Cumberland Farms store to walking around on the street with a bullhorn. Sometimes he’s simply explaining the benefits of a great cup of coffee at a great price, other times he’s flat-out exasperated at the way things work at other coffee places. In all instances, he’s doing it with his unique, sharp wit and a whole lot of common sense.

The campaign breaks in early May with television, digital and radio executions. Check out a few of them below.

Normal People from Full Contact Advertising on Vimeo.

Three from Full Contact Advertising on Vimeo.

Bullhorn from Full Contact Advertising on Vimeo.


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