Papa Gino’s and Tedy Bruschi: Making a Modern New England Classic Together

September 25, 2014
September 25, 2014 Jen Maltby

Several months ago, we received some great news: Full Contact had pitched and won the Papa Gino’s account. Naturally, we were pumped to have the opportunity to work for a classic brand that many of us here had literally grown up with.   

So, we got to work developing a strategy to reenergize the brand. We talked with a variety of customers about their experience with the brand, and what was amazing was that we consistently heard one message: Papa Gino’s was and is a classic New England brand. Really, almost everyone has a Papa Gino’s memory.

Our challenge was to create a campaign that built on the strength of the brand’s iconic New England heritage while also continuing to grow its customer base. In short, we had to show “iconic New England” in a fresh, approachable, and fun way. We needed another New England Classic that wouldn’t be afraid to have a little fun.

So, naturally, we called Tedy Bruschi.

And, then, we turned him into a talking piece of cardboard:

We’re really proud of this work and hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. While it was a great challenge, here are five things we learned along the way:

  1. You can never eat enough Papa Gino’s pizza.
  2. You can be a classic New England brand – and still be funny and modern.
  3. Tedy Bruschi is awesome. And really, really nice.
  4. He also does a really good Cardboard Tedy Bruschi impression.
  5. Pizza and football are seriously a match made in heaven.

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