February 21, 2017
February 21, 2017 Full Contact

With the holidays behind us, Full Contact is focused on growing with our clients in the new year. A few of us reflect on our professional goals for 2017:

For Dave Wall, Associate Creative Director, a goal for 2017 is to stay focused on making great creative. As digital channels proliferate, it’s easy to get too focused on new platforms or the latest ways to re-target. While keeping current is important, it shouldn’t come at the expense of making creative that creates deep connections with consumers. That type of work is emotional rather than transactional—and builds real brand value. As an agency, we hope to create more of that work in 2017.

For Ilise Krieger, Account Director, 2017 is a new start. Only a few months into her career at Full Contact, Ilise is still learning as much as possible about her clients and their industries. That spirit of research is infectious, providing an opportunity for Ilise’s colleagues to look at their accounts with fresh eyes and identify new ways to grow their clients’ businesses in 2017. Ilise is determined to use her onboarding process as a chance for her and her colleagues to turn old challenges into new opportunities.

For Amy Brown Weber, Director of Business Development, 2017 is the year when Full Contact harnesses the uncertainty that comes with the frenetic pace of new business. The agency has collectively recognized that some of the best work comes out of fire drills that come up from clients and prospects. Tossing our process out the window can be stressful and disorienting, but good things tend to happen when we just start creating. That’s not to say that our thinking is no longer rooted in strategy nor that we don’t still go through appropriate approvals, but it does mean that we’re acting a bit more on gut and our ability to connect with consumers.

With that in mind, Full Contact’s hope for 2017 is to keep our tradition of creating deep connections between clients and customers—while developing work that keeps pace with industry changes. Working at a quicker pace and thinking digital-first are the new realities. While we plan to continue to do that, it won’t compromise our greatest asset: the ability to create emotional connections.


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