February 12, 2018 Full Contact

NEHD Accord 2018 New Logo

There are a lot of megabrands who do a phenomenal job marketing themselves to a national, even global audience. The challenges occur when these same brands try to connect with consumers on a more local level. Anyone who lives in the Boston market has seen evidence of this: the baked bean references, Tea Party jokes, and of the course obligatory “pahk the cahh” headline. In some ways it is no different when you see a famous Hollywood actor butcher the local dialect. It is anything but genuine and fails to make a connection with the local audience. Not to mention it just sounds godawful. 

Full Contact wanted nothing of the sort for our new client: The New England Honda Dealers. In fact, we saw the challenge these 29 area dealers laid before us as the ultimate opportunity to connect this world-renowned brand directly to the New England consumer. With our new campaign, we set out to prove how perfectly suited Honda is for the genuine New England lifestyle.

The new tagline for this multi-channel campaign is “Around here, we Honda”. The line, and all the creative moving forward, represent a new stake in the ground designed to make a meaningful connection between everything New Englanders do “around here” with everything that Honda is.

One TV spot features a couple spending a winter afternoon flying down the hills of a local snow-tubing park. Frigid from their day of tubing, they rush into the warm confines of their brand new CRV, equipped with heated seats.

Have a look at it here: https://vimeo.com/255053427

In another spot, a group of resourceful neighborhood pond hockey enthusiasts uses the headlights of their new Civic to create an instant night game atmosphere.

Here is a sneak peek at the spot: https://vimeo.com/255053295

One of the most important tenets in marketing is “know your audience”. When you have an opportunity to dig down a little deeper instead of skimming the surface of your consumers’ lives, you have a far greater chance of connecting with them. We feel that’s exactly what we are doing with “Around here, we Honda.”


Click here to listen to a radio spot any New Englander that has ever lived in the city will understand: https://vimeo.com/255060953


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