Recap: Planet Fitness Ad Club CMO Breakfast

February 7, 2017
February 7, 2017 Amy Weber

Last month, I enjoyed the Ad Club CMO Breakfast hosted by Google. SVP of Marketing for Planet Fitness, Jessica Correa, was the featured speaker. Drawing from her diverse background at companies ranging from Royal Caribbean to Carpet One Floor and Home to Planet Fitness, Jessica gave a clear perspective on what makes great marketing. She had three keys to success that especially resonated with me.

Promises – Both Making and Keeping
Today, even more than ever, consumers are looking for brands that make promises. As consumer’s friend brands on Facebook and follow brands on Snapchat, they want to know that they are getting something in exchange for the access to their life. It is not enough for a brand to make promises, they must also follow-thorough on delivering on that promise as well.

We found this to be especially important as Cumberland Farms has been going through a refresh of their 600+ retail locations over the past few years. While they wanted to promise consumers a better experience, they knew upon initial campaign launch that only a fraction of retail locations would actually deliver on that promise. With that, they looked for other ways to improve the customer experience such as a refreshed look on all private label packaging and a SmartPay initiative to help consumers save money on every gallon of gas that they bought. This allowed all consumers to begin to get a sense for the amazing new experiences that all their stores will offer once construction is completed.

Cultural Relevance
It should come as no surprise that consumers today are time-starved with devices of all shapes and sizes taking their attention. As a result, consumer brain space is a highly sought after commodity and not all that easy to come by for marketers. Making sure that your brand promise is both culturally relevant and in sync with a true customer insight is more important today than ever if you want to get on and stay on a customer’s radar.

We saw great success when focusing on a culturally relevant message for Tommee Tippee. At the time, we were helping them to launch a new baby bottle in the U.S. market. And what is more stressful than trying to master the art of bottle feeding your brand new baby!? With that, instead of replicating all the other brands in the category with their warm and fuzzy approach, we chose a more realistic direction; one that humorously suggests feeding time can be a lot less dramatic when Moms choose the bottle brand that’s closer to the natural way of doing things.

Messiness Turns Good Work Great
Jessica’s final insight was around agency process and how if you can find the right team and the right partners to match your culture, you can turn good work into great work. This is something that we have found to be an essential ingredient in our agency process throughout the years. In fact, we even wrote a blog post about it last summer. Blurred lines among our team and with our clients and partners allow us to all roll up our sleeves, work together, and get to the best ideas that allow for meaningful connections between our clients and their consumers.

While I listened to Jessica talk about making authentic promises and connecting with real consumer insights, the importance of these components of marketing were fully reinforced for me. As she continued talking about her experience, I realized that neither are possible unless you have a dedicated agency partner who is willing to go the extra mile, dig deep on your customers and company culture, and ultimately land on an approach that makes a meaningful connection with consumers.


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