Three Marketing Trends That Are Not Trends

March 7, 2017
March 7, 2017 Full Contact

Marketing techniques that may be mistaken as mere social fads are actually the basis for incredibly effective customer acquisition and engagement strategies. Here are three marketing trends that actually are not trends at all, but rather quite sophisticated techniques that many brands have successfully implemented.

Purpose-Driven Marketing
Purpose-driven content marketing is a way for a business or brand to bond with a target audience based on their shared needs and interests — including interest in supporting a worthy cause. Bombass is a seminal example, donating 2 million pairs of socks to homeless people (and counting). New, younger consumers are very aware of how companies interact with local charities and volunteer efforts, and many brands have found commercial success by prioritizing social outreach.

Mobile Video
74% of all online traffic will be driven by video in 2017. Video has also been the most engaging type of content on the Internet since at least 2013, according to Usurv. Attention spans are getting shorter, people are moving more quickly, and they are more concerned with the immediate moment than anything else. Brands must always think about how to engage a fast moving audience that is distracted – most people are watching/listening to many streams at once – as they create content for this medium.

Mobile video requires a marketer to be almost as quickly distracted as his audience. The format does not allow for 30-second commercials in the traditional sense. Twitter texting and Vine videos have trained people to demand that marketers get to the point in about 3 seconds. However, the marketers that can make this change successfully will find their efforts rewarded; adults in the United States are currently spending around 5.5 hours with video content per day.

Influencer Marketing
The “wide net” era of TV and radio is almost over, especially for brands with products that are geared towards a younger audience. Hiring a social influencer from YouTube or Instagram can sometimes net a brand better results than a Hollywood celebrity spokesperson! Think of the social influencer on media networks such as Facebook or YouTube as niche marketers with very precise and accurate statistics on their markets. Brands can get incredibly close to an audience and engage them in an authentic way by marketing through one of these people. 92% of people will trust a peer recommendation from an individual over an ad. What does this mean? Your spokesperson does not have to be “famous” at all. Niche audiences choose their own mini-celebrities from within their peer groups. These are the people who drive commerce in the modern era, not Hollywood celebrities.


The world of marketing is constantly expanding, and disruptive technologies are always making their way into the forefront of the industry. However, if you stay ahead of the curve using the tips above and the methodologies they teach you, you will be ready for the next generation of business, with a new consumer that is sure to be even more savvy!


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