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Source: L.L. Bean

Source: L.L. Bean

As the leaves begin to change, we are reminded of the beauty that comes with life in New England: the unique chance to experience every season to its fullest. We are only one or two months away (depending on what Mother Nature has in store) from embarking on the most notorious New England season of all, winter. Residents in states like Arizona and Texas don’t have to deal with the continuous cycle of weather changes that each season brings, but for the small states up north there comes a sense of solidarity in understanding each other’s seasonal struggles. Unsurprisingly, this sentiment translates to consumer behavior, creating the unique marketplace that New England represents. Here are a few of our favorites:

The New England Patriots
Aside from arguably being the best sports team in the history of sports teams (OK so we may be a little biased) The New England Patriots have successfully created a brand that inspires undying loyalty from fans across six states, while some professional teams struggle to gain the attention of a single city.  Do you ever see empty seats in Gillette Stadium? Even in the face of below freezing temperatures and above average ticket prices, fans’ faithfulness to the team is unwavering. The passion behind the Patriots’ brand epitomizes the unity of the region.

L.L. Bean
There are other brands that know how to channel this devotion, best catering to the needs of a northeastern dweller. L.L. Bean is another example of a brand that has done an exceptional job resonating with New England consumers. Based in Maine, the brand has prepared residents for all seasons since 1912. By focusing on quality and customer satisfaction, the company and it’s products are established as staples in the New England winter clothing repertoire. Most notably, the Bean Boots, which are widely accepted as the winter shoe of New England. In fact, by the start of last October the renowned boots were already backordered by 100,000 pairs—unavailable to consumers until April. Last year was the third consecutive year of backordered boots, and now the brand can only hope to keep enough in stock to satisfy the demand. The unmatched popularity of this shoe speaks to L.L. Bean’s sensitivity to the needs of its consumers, which simply aren’t met by any other competitor’s boots.

Even global brands have opportunities to capitalize on what makes each area of our country unique. For example, the New England Motor and Press Association names an Official Winter Vehicle of New England every year—this year being the 2016 Honda Pilot for its family-friendly design, advanced safety technology, and improved all-wheel-drive system. Honda can now leverage this award, as well as these specific features to connect with the unique needs of a New England car buyer. A vehicle’s ability to traverse the ice and snow is one of the top concerns when purchasing a car in New England, so a badge of honor like that is sure to earn the attention of prospective buyers.


There is something to be learned from brands and products that do so well tapping into the hearts and minds of a community. A brand’s potential grows exponentially when it resonates with the culture of its audience. Full Contact strives to make the same meaningful connections for our clients and respective consumers. Taking the time to understand the unique nature of this audience, and providing them with reliable solutions in a way they can relate to, can make some brands excel where others fall flat.


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