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With the amount of online data being collected, social media platforms are anticipating how and what holiday shoppers will be buying this year. We pulled together some of the most interesting predictions and new marketing tactics being talked about this season.

Mobile Hacks for In-Store Holiday Shopping
Source: Facebook

It won’t surprise you that mobile purchases are going up every year, but did you know how much shoppers’ in-store mobile behaviors are changing as well? Retail Dive reports that “71% of shoppers use mobile devices in stores, a number that is up from 62% in 2017, and rises to 83% for consumers aged 18 to 44.”
In an online study of 40,965 shoppers, Facebook IQ found that, thanks to mobile devices, the line between shopping online and in-store is beginning to blur. People are pulling out their phones while in-store to get the most out of their time and their wallet. Shoppers have become one of two types: mobile-first researchers or mobile-first shoppers. In both scenarios, mobile is the first source of purchase inspiration, discovery, and price and product comparisons. Especially around the holiday season, marketers must introduce their brand and products to people with a mobile-first format. In addition, why not have a promotion pop up the minute shoppers walk in? We know we’d visit store locations more often if it meant more coupons…

From Sephora to Barney’s, Retailers Bet on the Nebulous Wellness Industry
Source: Fast Company

If you want to know what millennials will be buying this holiday season, look to the health and wellness category. The business of “wellness” first penetrated the beauty industry with modern skin care products made to protect against pollution and boost self-care, and has gradually grown into an entire industry on its own. For example, the Anthropologie website boasts 450 “wellness” products for sale – that’s more than the retailer’s shoe department.
This article from Fast Company claims the booming health and wellness market is estimated at $3.7 trillion, and it’s no surprise that every retailer from Urban Outfitters, Madewell, Nordstrom, and even Barney’s is trying to get in on this trend. Even Sephora is replacing rows of lipsticks with “luxe tooth floss, natural deodorants, and $38 collagen-enhancing beauty supplements.”
As consumers become more informed and aware of products’ origination and manufacturing, the wellness trend is seeping into more and more areas of the retail landscape and will certainly be impacting what makes it to the top of shopper’s wish lists this year.

How Facebook is Gearing Up for the Holiday Shopping Season
Source: Adweek

With mobile purchases increasing every year, Facebook is getting ready for the holiday season by launching new advertising features. From new holiday-themed layouts for video, to the instant storefront template, to customized frames, Facebook ads should start exuding the holiday cheer. The recently released Video Creation Kit is a smart move for advertisers looking to make the video creation process easier. 60% of shoppers will be turning to video for gift inspiration this year, and Facebook is pushing for more video investment overall from advertisers. Instagram is also pushing for more brand awareness and customer engagement with their new shopping channel on the “Explore” page. Users now see posts from brands with clickable bag icons – a feature designed to improve conversion rates from the social media app to an actual online purchase.


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