What We Found on the Web: Alligator Wrestling, Netflix Ads and Build-Your-Own Pizza

June 8, 2015
June 8, 2015 Full Contact

We pulled together some of the most interesting articles we’ve read recently—and included the quotes that got us talking the most.

People Are Freaking Out About Ads Coming to Netflix
From Quartz

“’We have no plans to go towards advertising-based models,’ Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, said back in January 2014…Now, a year and a half later, Netflix is experimenting with advertisements, according to various news outlets and scandalized people on the internet. Outrageous!”

Why This Company is Paying an Intern to Live With the Amish and Wrestle an Alligator
From Fast Company

“Riding a bull and running a Tough Mudder don’t seem like résumé boosters, but for the global communications firm Golin, these unusual real-world experiences are the makings of an innovative employee. ‘The young generation coming out of college have student loans and pressure from their parents to get a job, but what they don’t have is life experiences,’ says CEO Fred Cook.”

How the Build-Your-Own-Meal Craze is Reshaping Restaurants
From AdWeek

“Subway introduced it, Chipotle perfected it, and pizza restaurants like Blaze are really evolving it,” said [Darren] Tristano [EVP of Technomic]. “The new evolution is not just assemble—it’s assemble and cook to order.”

David Byrne: A Great Curator Beats Any Big Company’s Algorithm
From New Statesman

“Can one place a value on being surprised? While the wisdom of crowds has been a popular digirati meme, sometimes the outlier – or a small group of them – is the one who has taken the time to find a better way or to try something new, to take a risk on something surprising. In some ways, we ensure the survival of the soul. It’s a bold claim and some will scoff, depending on whether their tastes align at all with mine.”


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