What We Found on The Web: Vegan Beer, Twitter’s New Heart, and More

November 16, 2015
November 16, 2015 Full Contact

We pulled together some of the most interesting articles we’ve read recently – and included the quotes that got us talking the most.

Guinness Plans For First Vegan Brew In 2016
From: cnn.com
To make Guinness acceptable to vegetarian and vegan drinkers, the Irish brewer is changing the way it produces the poplar creamy dark stout by eliminating fish bladder, which is used to filter test particles of the finished brew. Its fishiest ingredient is getting the axe in favor of an animal free substitute set to debut late next year. Our only concern now is how will we get our Omega-3’s?

Twitter’s New ‘Heart.’ What’s to Like?
From: cnet.com
Replacing a star with a heart is part of Twitter’s strategy to become more universal, but it has put many current tweeters in a tizzy. Akarshan Kumar, a company product manager, explained: “The heart is a universal symbol that resonates across languages, cultures, and time zones. The heart is more expressive, enabling you to convey a range of emotions and easily connect with people.” Love it or hate it, we give the heart symbol a gold star.


Will Instagram’s Advertising Gold Rush Send Users Running?
From: adweek.com
After nearly two years of allowing only a few dozen brands to run ads on the platform, Instagram has opened the doors up to all marketers, which begs the question ‘will this surge of ads hurt the social network?’ There are concerns about a stampede of subpar creative clogging up users’ feeds compared to the striking, magazine quality ads of brands like Michael Kors, Ben & Jerry’s  and General Electric. It has yet to be seen if this increase of ads will have users running for the hills.


These Aerial Autumn Photos Look Like Impressionist Paintings
From: mashable.com
Fall is in full swing and we Bostonians are enjoying the last bits of warmth before another (sure to be) brutal winter. As the sun approaches the winter solstice, leaves are transforming to vibrant shades or yellows and reds. Tis the season of beautiful colors. Feast your eyes on these mesmerizing landscapes shot from the air for your digital leaf peeping pleasure.


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