What We Found On The Web: Weight Loss Apps, Super Bowl Ads and Understanding Mom

January 12, 2016
January 12, 2016 Full Contact

We pulled together some of the most interesting articles we’ve read recently – and included the quotes that got us talking the most.

How a Boston-Made App Is Keeping People Fit at CES
Source: BostInno
As an on-again-off-again user of the Lose It! app who is officially “on-again” with the start of the new year, I was excited to see the large presence that they are commanding at CES 2016. The app allows users monitor food intake and exercise activity to help with weight management. It even has cool social features and activity tracking device integration. In this instance, they are challenging CES attendees to keep their step quantity up as a way to not fall off New Year’s Resolutions so quickly after Jan 1. Now, if only the app would create a filter so I don’t see the emails announcing donuts in the break room!

Super Bowl Ads: A Better Class of Rookie Moves to Big Game
Source: Variety
While we’re hoping for close competition during America’s Biggest Game (ending in a W for the Pats, of course), this is the one time of year when our friends will be as focused on the ads as us. In reading up so that we can be the “industry experts” that our friends expect, it was interesting to learn that the “Rookies” who have been announced for this year are much more serious players than have participated in the past. With a month to go, here’s hoping that a few wild card brands participate!

Marketers Don’t Understand Modern Moms, Saatchi Survey Says
Source: AdWeek
We couldn’t agree more! Saatchi conducted a global survey of nearly 8,000 moms and learned that 51% of respondents believe advertisers don’t understand them. That’s a huge percentage of the population – and why we focus on making our work that targets Mom connect with the audience in an authentic way. Take our Tommee Tippee campaign, for example. We took a step back, recognized that it’s not always smiling, laughing babies and leaned in on the reality of the occasionally screaming child that all new parents face.


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