March 7, 2016 Full Contact

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We pulled together some of the most interesting articles we’ve read recently – and included the quotes that got us talking the most.

Havas Helia Creates a Beer Crafted by Data
Source: Network World
London-based digital marketing agency, Havas Helia, has taken data analytics to the next level with the introduction of a craft beer called 0101. Their goal was to create a beer that embodied the excitement and positivity that is associated with the beginning of a new year. To do so, they started by scouring social media for emotional key words used in relation to New Year’s and found 38 distinct emotions including happiness, excitement, indulgence and good cheer. They then used IBM’s Watson Alchemy technology to scan almost 3,000 recipes and find emotions that tied to various flavor profiles. The end result of this data hunt was a “fine tasting cream ale” containing two varieties of hops and notes of honey.  Only downside: they only brewed 500 bottles worth, so here’s hoping they do this again next year.

Converse’s New Blank Canvas Shop in Soho
Source: Digiday
Boston’s beloved shoe company opened its second Blank Canvas shop in New York City this week, allowing shoppers to completely customize their own pair of Chuck Taylors, from the color of the laces and eyelets to the fonts and designs. This shop allows a more visual and hands-on experience for Converse customers, as they actually get to sit down with a designer and even bring their own designs to be printed. The online Blank Canvas service has been a great success, but Converse believes the in-store experience takes it to another, more exclusive level. Shoes designed in Soho will have a specialized detail unique to that shop, similar to how shoes designed in the Boston Blank Canvas shop have a red stripe down the sole, symbolizing the Freedom Trail.  The success of these two locations could mean even more Blank Canvas shops popping up around the country.

A Genius Idea Only the Boy Scouts Thought Of
Source: AdWeek
Few things go together as good as milk and cookies, and the Boy Scouts of America recognized that this month with their “Scouts Milk Mission.” They realized that for over 100 years the Girl Scouts have been selling their array of cookies without the milk to compliment it. To right this wrong, the Boy Scouts worked with the Girl Scouts outside the grocery stores and malls of America to sell milk to go with the cookies. The California Milk Processor Board used this idea as an extension of their “Got Milk?” marketing and even rewarded the young boys and girls patches to celebrate their collaboration. Check out their adorable video here and remember to get your cookies (and milk) before they leave for the year on March 13th.


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