Where do we find our creativity?

February 25, 2016
February 25, 2016 Amy Weber

Paying lip service to creative thinking is easy. Working with people who value it is rare. Seeing the results is inspiring. – Alex O’Reilly, Account Supervisor

Every person in our agency – from our creative teams to our Director of Finance – came to advertising as a career for a myriad of reasons. But, we all have one thing in common that keeps us here: the advertising industry offers the unique opportunity to marry creative and business-building worlds. Advertising not only encourages but also requires that you challenge yourself to think creatively no matter what your role may be. And because of that, we wanted to find out what drives our creativity at Full Contact. Here’s what we found:

An agency poll, first and foremost, revealed that we are all working at the right agency. For anyone who doesn’t know, one of our agency tenants is to Live a Remarkable Life. True to that, many people responded that much of their creativity comes from living their life to the fullest. As our Account Supervisor, Alex Bellehesen, eloquently summarizes it: “Being present is what ignites my creativity.” In short, going Full Contact within our personal lives fuels us to go Full Contact at the office.

So how does the Full Contact team live that mantra outside of the office? Each person had their own unique response, but there were themes throughout that you can use to foster your own Full Contact level of creativity:

Observing the World Around Us
It is easy to get lost in our iPhones when going through daily life, but many of our team members love setting technology aside and appreciating the world we live in. Whether it’s visiting new places, keeping an eye on everyone around you, or looking to nature, creativity can be found everywhere. Junior Art Director Jesse Foster explains the inspiration that he finds in nature: “For example, bees knowing exactly how to make hexagonal combs for their honey is just awesome.”

Leaning In Online
While some agency folks enjoy disconnecting to discover their creativity, there are others who prefer to lean in on the internet to find their inspiration. Whether it’s finding a new recipe to try on Tasty, a new color combination for tomorrow’s outfit, the latest trend on AdAge, or the perfect wedding gift for a friend, the internet provides a wealth of information that allows our team to push themselves outside of their current thinking.

Getting A Good Sweat In
A category that resonated best with me personally was getting a good sweat in. There is something about losing yourself in an activity that challenges your physical being, which in turn helps shift your mental presence to a clear place – and opens it to creativity. Avid hiker and agency Intern, Matt Linehan, often “finds that the most challenging hikes deliver the best views and help inspire my most creative thoughts.”

Surrounding Ourselves With Creative People
While there is a place for creativity in all of our lives, and many of us have found it outside of the office, there is no doubt that much of our best creative inspiration is found through collaboration and partnership with fellow Full Contact teammates. As Director of Account Management, Lauren Kimball explains: “Seeing people pitch ideas, present concepts, talk though ideas. It all inspires me each day.”


We all find ways to push ourselves, and aim to apply that out-of-the-box thinking to our clients on a daily basis. While it may seem like our personal experiences of teaching yoga classes or trying new dessert recipes are strange things to consider important to our day-to-day work, these are in fact core aspects of what makes us able to live remarkable lives and ultimately make Full Contact.


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